Somehow, I feel that my story, my choice, was selfish in comparison to what I have read so far. I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant, and in a very loving relationship with the man I had been living with for about a year and a half. We dreamed of getting married and starting a family one day, but we both knew this wasn’t the time. We briefly talked it over, set up an appointment at a clinic near us. It was recommended by an older, male friend who said they were very nice and made his friend feel very comfortable. I was actually asked to come back because it was too early (5 weeks) and the doctor wouldn’t do the D&C. I’m glad. The second doctor was much nicer. At 6 weeks, I went back and had my abortion. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not divided between thinking it was the right choice and wishing I had made another. On the one hand – the relationship ended just shy of our 4 year anniversary, so I’d be left to raise the child alone. It would also have prevented me from moving to California for Graduate School. On the other, I would have very much loved to see and hold his child. In the end though, I am so grateful for having the ability to CHOOSE, even if only half of me is at peace with the choice I made.