It’s been 3 days since my abortion. I’m 20, a college student and I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. I got pregnant my first time having sex. The second the pregnancy test said pregnant I knew I would be getting an abortion.

I have worked so hard to get where I am, I have a high GPA, just returned from studying abroad, I couldn’t throw all that away. I was not ready to be a mom and I know I couldn’t give a child everything it deserves when I still want to be selfish. My boyfriend wanted to keep it but he understood why I choose abortion and respected my decision. My parents who had me at the age of 15 and were never really present in my life also supported my decision and agreed it was best for me. I went to a local clinic here in San Antonio five days after I found out I was pregnant. The people at the clinic were supportive, never made me question if this is what I wanted, they respected my decision. I had two appointments, the first appointment was just an exam, I saw the sonogram and I didn’t feel a thing, no connection to the fetus, no sense of guilt so I knew I was making the right choice for me. I choose the procedure, I was only 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The second appointment was the abortion. I was at the clinic for an hour, the procedure it self took no more than 5 minutes. I didn’t feel a thing and don’t remember much. The only thing was the price I paid $425 for the abortion and exam by myself since my boyfriend recently lost his job. Since my abortion I started to feel like myself again, the whole time I was pregnant I hated myself, I feel like I was someone else. I’m proud of myself for being strong enough to make this decision for myself, I’m also glad I know I have options. I come from a Mexican family, where if you’re pregnant you have the kid and struggle. I didn’t want to be like my cousins, I know I have the freedom to choose what I want to do with my body and life, I just wish other women believed they too can decide their fate.