So I’m 30 years old, recently engaged to be married and so happy to be in love with a sweet guy. I’m pretty regular, so when my period didn’t come in over a week I started to get nervous.

I rationalized the breast pain and excessive peeing as nothing more than PMS… Around day 8 or 9 of my missed period we decided I needed to take a pregnancy test. Both were positive, I cried, he cried. I’m getting married soon and felt like I failed my family and selfish and awful for not being happy about being pregnant. We both decided that night that we couldn’t afford a baby and we didn’t want to get married with people thinking it was only because I was pregnant. To top it off there is no local abortion clinic, I had to go to another city. Texas requires you have consultation and wait 24 hrs before procedure. I waited so long in the clinic. There was women of all ages, I was so suprised to see that and felt so strong to have the opportunity to choose what I wanted to do with my body and what was best for my situation. We are in love and would love to have children, but are not ready right now. I’m thankful to be able to afford the procedure and that it went smoothly. I’m not sure how my future pregnancies may be affected but nonetheless, it was the right decision for us at this time.