2010: I was 16 years old and my boyfriend and I were in an on again off again relationship for the past year. We had sex without a condom and I missed my period.

That December I took a test and it was positive. Neither of us was ready for a kid, I was on the track to graduate and already applied to colleges. We made the decision for an abortion. The nurse made me feel terrible when she asked if I wanted to know if my baby had a heartbeat, I continued with the process and took a pill to abort the baby. It was the worst pain in my life and I regretted it. Months later, my boyfriend and I had broken up for good. Years later, I’m working full time, self-sufficient and can hardly get by with my paychecks. I know I made the right choice by not having a child in high school. I’m from a broken home myself and I do not wish my child to experience the same home life that I had too.