I was in my 30s years old at the time. I had always wanted a baby – eventually – but due to pursuing my education, becoming financially stable, and finding the right partner, the time hadn’t previously been right.

After separating from my husband at the time, I started seeing someone new. Just three months into our relationship, we found ourselves unintentionally pregnant. I wasn’t sure yet where our relationship would head, nor was he. He wasn’t sure if he wanted children – ever. He offered to support whatever decision I made, but I knew two things clearly: (1) I wanted to have a baby who was wanted by both of its parents, and (2) more than “wanting a baby” (at any cost), I wanted to have a partner and a stable relationship. I didn’t want him to feel like he had to be with me because we were pregnant. I didn’t want to be with someone unless they were with me just because they wanted to be. In that sense, it was a fairly easy decision for both of us that we didn’t want to have a baby together at that time. The abortion itself was still difficult – not physically, but knowing that we were at a fork in the road and had a difficult choice. But it was the right choice and now 2 years later we are still together and pregnant by choice.