I was 26. We had been together a few short months when my birth control pills failed. I woke up one morning, vomiting, thinking I had the flu.

I felt fine the next 2 days, but on the following morning, a Monday, the feeling returned. I took a test to “ease” my mind. Positive. I took another just to make sure. Positive. I texted my partner, telling him I didn’t want a baby. “Ok. I know” he replied. I called my doctors office, they advised I come in for the blood test. That afternoon I received a phone call from the doctors office “congratulations!” the nurse said on the phone. “No, this is not a good thing” I told her, followed by “I need a referral for an abortion”. She had a discomfort in her voice while she told me she had to transfer me to another department. I got a referral, made my appointment for Friday. I decided to go with the surgical procedure without anesthesia. Friday came, and my partner and I walked to the clinic. 7 weeks, the ultrasound tech told me. I met with the counselor for about 20 minutes, to make sure this decision was mine and not influenced by anyone else. “You are the perfect candidate for this procedure. You are so sure and so confident” she told me. I was so sure. I was so confident. That day, I had an abortion. I have never felt an ounce of regret or sadness. It was the best choice for me. The only choice for me. It was MY choice.