My boyfriend and me have a 4 year old daughter, and just recently had our 5 month old baby girl. We also have full custody of his child from a previous marriage.

I just recently quit breastfeeding and knew I would be fertile again. We were very careful and figuring out who was going to get fixed. We decided on him and the procrastinating begun.

We had unprotected sex one time only and I went to the drug store the next day and paid $50 for Plan B. The Plan B always makes me start my period within a few days. This time it did nothing. Two weeks later I began smelling everything, had sore dark nipples, and became sluggish/had no motivation and fatigue. Those are all my first pregnancy symptoms. I always know I’m pregnant a week or two before the faintest line will even show up on a test.

So I knew I was pregnant and I knew we couldn’t mentally or financially handle another baby. We talked it over and though we wish we could afford another child, we can’t, as we have already promised the world to our 3 children, and we can’t let them down.

I decided to do the medical termination, (abortion pill) I made my appointment for the next day. I had to call all around my state of Washington to find a place that could get me in that quick. But I know how quickly a embryo develops and I needed this done when it was a bunch of cells.

I took the first pill, to basically stop the pregnancy hormones, in the clinic, on Friday at 1:30 p.m. They sent me home with 2 different pain prescriptions, anti nausea suppositories, and 4 Misoprostol tablets. Those tablets dissolve in my cheek and from what I understood, it causes the uterine wall to shed everything.

Saturday at 1 p.m. I took the suppository anti-nausea pills, because I read it makes a lot of people super sick. I’m terrified of vomiting so I wasn’t taking any chances! Then I took 1 of the Naproxen 500s they prescribed, and 2 of the Vicodins. I did this because I Googled myself scared to death. Read about horrible pain and bleeding.

Then at 1:30, 24 hours after taking the first pill in the clinic, I let the 4 other pills dissolve in my mouth for 20 min and swallowed the rest. I was worried they didn’t dissolve enough but decided to just follow what my instructions said to do, which was swallow remainder of pills after 20 min.

I tell you all that, because I thought I took them wrong, and they were not working correctly. Nothing happened for hours and hours. Around 7 p.m. that day I had a tiny bit of watery blood. No cramps, that I felt. Went to bed.

Sunday around 1, 24 hours after my Misoprostol dose, I called the clinic and told them nothing was happening, they said to give it more time.

Monday at 1:30, I noted it had been 48 hours with no changes. A tiny bit more spotting through the night but it looked like old blood. That changed really quickly. At 4 p.m. my daughters and me were scheduled to have our pictures done together. In white dresses…
Driving to pictures I began having hard period cramps. I’m use to extremely painful, heavy periods, this pain was just a little sharper then usual. I pulled over and bought pads and put one in. I had horrible cramps, buy luckily they got us in and out of our picture appointment. it only took 20 min. In that time I completely bled through that pad and underwear and had to change all that. Luckily I had spanks on over my underwear and could put another pad in. We only live 15 min away, but by the time I got home I soaked through that new pad, white dress, seat of car. 🙁 showered, changed my pad and sat down in bed. I felt a large clot fall out and I’m pretty sure I passed “it.” This wasn’t your typical clot at all. There was like a white membrane ball with blood vessels attached to something. That’s gross I know, I just figure any detail I share might help someone somehow.

Every since passing that “clot” I feel no cramps and the heavy bleeding has stopped. I’m just bleeding normally now. From everything I read, I planned on being in horrible pain within an hour of those pills dissolving. That’s not the way it worked for me. It’s super surprising because all my labors and my one miscarriage, were all super painful, bloody and took days! Maybe it’s because I caught it so soon, they did a internal ultrasound and confirmed I was barely 3 weeks. But anyway it wasn’t so bad. I liked the privacy of my own home, but hated the anticipation on when it was going to happen and how I would feel, because everyone is different.

It’s such a hard decision to make, and I feel like such an idiot for getting pregnant right after having a baby, when both my partner and myself knew we were done with kids.