I had just turned 16 and had sex for the first time with a person who I thought meant everything. It wasn’t bad, but I figured I wouldn’t end up pregnant. After one month I didn’t get my period and would be fainting on a daily basis. I took my first pregnancy test, it was a false positive. As I continued to faint, I went to the BirthRight by my house. Turns out I was pregnant. I made the decision to get an abortion when I realized I have literally no idea how to raise a child, nor did I have the money to. Sophomore year is not supposed to end up with a baby. Going to a Catholic school I knew that it would be extremely frowned upon if any of my teachers or girls who didn’t know me found out what I had done. I trekked my way up to the end of city to the Planned Parenthood. I am so glad I had the right to choose, without this right I might be a senior facing debts of a child and not a senior who has plans to to go college.