I was 21 and a student. It was the first time I had ever had unprotected sex; I was usually so careful and I didn’t think once would be a problem.

I swear I just knew, even before I took the test or saw a doctor. I went to a clinic and got a number for a local doctor who performed abortions. When I called, they said they would not be able to treat me due to my latex allergy. I panicked because I had no idea what my other options were, and left a frantic teary voicemail at the hospital begging for help. They called me back a few days later with a time and place. My partner was very unsupportive so a friend drove me and helped me through. I never looked back or thought about it, and I didn’t tell anyone.
A year later, a friend confided in me about her unplanned pregnancy and I was so happy to be able to help her and share my story. It almost made it all worth it to see the relief on her face when I told her she wasn’t alone.