I have always been careful. I have always been the kind of person who looked before I leapt. The one time I didn’t, I was on vacation with a group of girl friends. We were out having a great time and I met a great guy. I decided to take a chance and wound up pregnant. I felt a great deal of anger as many people I know have made this type of reckless decision multiple times and met with different results. I never told him. I stopped speaking to him because of the shame and regret I felt. Terminating the pregnancy was the easiest decision I’ve ever made but I will never stop living with the emotional effects. I am happy to live in a day and age where I have the opportunity to make my own decisions and have a safe option for termination. I’ve told my current boyfriend and many of my friends in an effort to ease the regret I still feel and it’s helped. I’ll never get over it but I can get past it. Every woman should have the right to make her own decisions.