My story is simple and almost normal. I was 17. The guy who I had been in a relationship with (both emotional and sexual relationship) had up and vanished without a text or call or even break up before I found out.

I wasn’t in school, had gotten my ged. I worked a pizza joint for tips and made probably… 50 bucks a day, four days a week. I lived with my mom whom I gave my money to because she barely had 10$ an hour in (2011). We were barely surviving and had not future plans. When I found out, my world crashed around me. I didn’t want a baby. Most importantly a baby could never grow up like he/she would and be normal. I made the decision. My mind was made without seconds of finding out. It was my right. I asked extended family for some cash (overdue cell phone bill etc etc). I drove to the clinic. It was upsetting. But I still don’t feel like I lost any thing. There was never a “baby”. There was a fetus, an embryo. Not a baby. I didn’t lose a baby. Now I had a bachelors degree and loving husband. I have a real life and am able to help my mom. My children will be amazing when they come. I made a decision for my body and I stand by it. I am not a vessel to be used against my will.