I was in a fight with my boyfriend when I had found out I was pregnant. I knew we were potentially on the verge of a breakup. I chalked up the feeling ill, sleepy, and dazed to being stressed out.

However, I decided to buy a test when I threw up making dinner the one evening. After a frantic meet-up, there was much yelling and many tears. However, after a while we decided to go through with the abortion. We are young, both on the verge of 24. I am graduating college in the spring and he is planning to eventually go back and pursue his degree. We have nothing figured out financially, so we decided this was the best route to take. He accompanied me to each appointment and took care of me throughout the entire process. While I felt guilty at first, a sense of relief came over me today. I’m on day 3 post-abortion and while there is some sadness that lingers, I feel like the doors of opportunity opened back up. We shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help in life and we shouldn’t be ashamed to make our own decisions. Honestly, the entire scenario has brought me closer to my significant other and it has made me realize that no woman should have to stand alone in taking control of her life. Being responsible means making responsible choices, even if they are hurtful sometimes. Either way, I’m hoping during the follow-up appointment to thank my doctor for being one of the few clinics in this city that offers alternatives and opportunities for women. We should all have choices– every one of us.