I was 21 when I had my abortion. I just started dating my boyfriend at that time for a few months, we had a rocky relationship due to my personal issues with me and him with substance abuse issues. I have always been paranoid about becoming pregnant after having sex with boyfriends and up till that point my paranoia was abated when I had my period, until the one time my fear came true.

I burst into tears when I saw the positive test, I could not believe that it could be true because we used a condom and though it broke we were quick about buying me a plan b pill. I remember calling my mom crying and telling her what happened and asking her what I should do. She told me she would support my decision to have an abortion. The next day I called Planned Parenthood and I felt fortunate that my insurance was able to pay for my abortion because I looked at the price for an abortion without insurance and it was expensive. Though that boyfriend and I are no longer together, he was very supportive of me and went with me to the clinic and stayed with me when I took the second pill back at my apartment and I am forever grateful for that. To this day I do not regret the decision I made, I have seen the way my life has turned out and assessing my mental and financial situations, I would have not been able to care for a child and I am firm believer that a child deserve the best life possible. I still want a child one day when I find the right man and can be excited for my pregnancy and not sad and scared. I would like to say that as I said I have no regrets for my decision, however I sometimes think how old the child would have been and wonder what gender it would have been, but it comforts me to know that I am not alone in my decision and I encourage other women to share their stories.