I was 19 and had been dating a guy for about three months when we discovered I had become pregnant. We were on a vacation when I began to have severe, almost unbearable, cramps. I was expecting my period any day but I knew something was not right.

Out of concern I immediately bought a test and to our surprise, it was positive. I immediately called my mother, hysterical, while he called his with joy. The next call I made was to the clinic. It was obvious he wanted to keep the child however I knew I could not handle that type of responsibility at that point in my life. The rest of the vacation was very awkward (as you can imagine). When I came home my mother hugged me and told me she was going with me and showed nothing but an incredible amount of support. The next day we drove to the clinic to find out I was very early in the pregnancy and was able to take the pill instead of having any procedures. I opted for that even with the doctors warning of incredible pain and a lot of blood.
I took it when we got home and the cramps were intense and sharp and as promised, there was a lot of blood. A few hours later, it was over. The only guilt I felt was for not being guilty about having an abortion. I heard regret stories and how awful you were going to feel about aborting a fetus, and I didn’t feel any of that. I felt relief and complete trust in myself that I had done the right thing for me and my circumstances. I think about my experience once in a while however I still do not regret my decision. One day I will have children and it will be on my terms when I know I can give them the life they fully deserve.