I was 21 at the time, I had been dating Ian for over a year and a half, when I became pregnant. I found out I was pregnant mothers day weekend of 2011.

When I told Ian we were at his friend’s Sean’s house. Ian had told a girl named Jesse, who sent him a text saying “it will ruin things for us”. Ian immediately went on line looking to get me into an abortion clinic the very next day. I didn’t get a chance to make a choice. Fortunately and unfortunately no abortion clinic will let you have an abortion that quickly. The papers you print out to get the abortion are dated and require 48 hours in between the signing and the actual abortion day. Ian was pissed. I told him I didn’t want the abortion. He screamed we fought constantly about it. Ian even took me into an abortion clinic and told me to sign the papers three days later. The clinic wouldn’t do it for another 6 day’s. I kept telling Ian I didn’t want the abortion. Ian kept telling me he would have to join the army to take care of me, that he would have to marry me and his parents would hate me. Ian even blamed me for getting pregnant. Ian tried saying I had gotten pregnant on purpose. Eventually Ian even threatened to kill himself if I had the baby, telling me that every one would hate me and the baby. Even telling me that I would never find anyone who would want me with a baby. Ian constantly guilt tripped me into having the abortion. I had even told him I would leave him and have a layer draw up papers saying he didn’t need to pay child support, I told him, he didn’t have to be a father, I wouldn’t write his name on the birth certificate. Everything I tried was not enough. Ian called me constantly, I couldn’t have a moment to myself. I was constantly being threatened for not wanting an abortion. Ian even tried cutting himself in front of me. Ian broke me down, until I gave in. Ian even had me pay for the abortion. I have hated myself even seance the abortion for not protecting my baby like I should have. We broke up after three-year’s together. Ian I later found out forced me to have the abortion for the girl Jesse who Ian was cheating on me with the whole relationship. Ian abused me mentally, emotionally, sexualy and socially. I had Stalkhome syndrome from all the abuse.