At ten weeks I learned that my second pregnancy had an anomaly, heterotaxy combined with a congenital heart defect. The odds of survival outside of the womb were all bad.

The baby would have required several heart surgeries just after birth and if she survived those, the odds were she’d only make it to 5 years. I chose an abortion to save that little girl’s suffering as well as the suffering of my family (husband and 2 year old son). It was a hard decision, but as her mother I am the only one qualified to make that heartbreaking decision for my unborn child. I will always miss her, but I made the best decision I could for my family with the best medical advice available. I will never forget her, but I will never regret my decision to terminate for medical reasons. Anyone that tells you they should be allowed to make these kinds of decisions for a mother and her child are incredibly short-sighted. Only a mother in these terrible circumstances should have the right to make these decisions.