I was 22 when I started dating my current boyfriend. We quickly fell in love with each other and became inseparable. Because of our close connection, I trusted the pull out method when we had sex. It wasn’t more than 3 months since we’d been having sex when I became pregnant, but I didn’t find out until almost 2 months (7 weeks to be precise) later.

I waited for my boyfriend to get off work and then rushed over to his house. By my texts, I think he already knew. I couldn’t find the stability to speak the words “I’m pregnant” so naturally I just cried. It was very difficult to admit I wanted an abortion but I was only a mere 8 months from getting my bachelor’s degree – which I had been working towards for almost 5 years.

I am very content with my decision although I still long to have kids when I’m in a stable situation (i.e. married and financially sound). The procedure itself was very quick and more uncomfortable than painful. I was by myself because my boyfriend could not get out of work but I’m almost glad he didn’t have to see me in that state. I was vulnerable but strangely strong and didn’t cry until a day later when the pain had become excruciating. I wish the doctor would have given me prescription pain meds but oh well. After a few days I was back to normal and today my boyfriend and I are closer than ever. I also take my birth control regularly and will continue to do so for atleast the next few years.