My name is Jenn. I am 23 going on 24. I love kids. I’ve always wanted kids. I knew I would be a great mother after my niece was born in 2011. I had helped my brother and his wife raise both of their kids.

In 2012 I moved to Texas with my then fiance for work reasons. After 4 months he got laid off and we moved back to Washington where we had originally met. Shortly after moving back, I found out I was pregnant. At the time, I had just gotten both of my old jobs back, commuting to both jobs without a car, and was trying to get our lives back together after pouring our savings into moving expenses and bills that were past due.

As much as I wanted a child, I knew that I was not financially ready, he was not stable, and in some ways i knew he was not the person i wanted to father my kids. I wanted to finish school to become a medical assistant, and i also had mountains of debt.

At 7 weeks i had a medical abortion at planned parenthood.

I was super upset, ashamed, and hurt. I grew up promising myself I would never do this and it was wrong.

There are some things you cannot be against until you are in that position. Like abortion. I thought i was completely against it until i was in the situation. Another reason why i did this is because I didn’t want to be another single mom (the father would of left) depending on the state to raise my child. I DO NOT want to deny my child a good life.

I lost some friends, became depressed, and lied to some people that i had a miscarriage. Now, I tell people about it and share my story with whoever i can. In the end, my ex fiance and i broke up, and he had landed me in more debt i could imagine. I couldnt put a child thru that.

I am 1 in 3. I am proud of my choice. If anyone tries to shame you for considering an abortion, dont listen to them. Make this choice for you.