I was 19 when Emma was born. I had no doubt at that point that abortion was out of the question. Even when it was suggested by many people very close to me.

I now have a beautiful daughter who is my world. A daughter that I am raising as a single mother. I got pregnant one year ago. With the same father that Emma has. I was trying to leave my abusive relationship at that time. It took all my strength and will power to make life changes to enter the unknown with only myself and my child. And to find out I was pregnant with another child by this man who was the epitome of a “bad man”, well that was the perfect wrench to throw into all my plans. So I chose instead to choose a better life for my daughter, myself, and that child. I would have been unable to support another child, I would have been unable to give that child a safe home because I don’t think I could have left him after another baby.. I chose life. And as sad as it does make me, for I know I would have loved that child so fiercely, I have no regrets. My life and my daughters life is so much more than it would have been. Never let anyone else shame you for choosing to do what is right for yourself. I am pro choice, I am a christian, and I am a good person; these things I know. Let’s keep sharing and maybe give others a little hope, and even some compassion.