My story is really a story of beginnings. I had just met the most amazing man. The man of my dreams. We were 2 peas in a pod. In fact, I liked him so much I didn’t have sex with him for weeks. Well lo and behold the first time out of the gates and apparently we got knocked up.

This is a good time to let you know that I was 31 at the time of the pregnancy, I had just recovered from a seemingly insurmountable debt left me by a thieving ex. and most importantly, I never wanted children. EVER. I mean I didn’t even play pretend wedding as a kid and I hated my dollies. I had no maternal desires. I loved children as long as they were other people’s. I knew in my heart no matter how much I loved this man that I didn’t want a child. I also knew that I couldn’t live my life knowing that child was being raised by someone else. He came with me to a local Planned parenthood and we confirmed our suspicions. Since we hadn’t reached the 8 week mark we had a medical abortion. This was a harrowing experience through which my partner lovingly cared for an supported me. We did it together. It was best for everyone including the life that didn’t exist. I am 1 in 3 and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s my body and my choice.