I’m 55 years old. I terminated a pregnancy when I was in my early 30’s. I was working at the time but did not own a car.

I lived in Chicago and could get just about every where I needed to go on public transportation. I would see women all the time, jump off the bus, drop kids off at school or day care, get back on the bus and finish their commute to work or school. Bear in mind that the weather in Chicago from November to March, sometimes even into April, is cold. We’re talking freezing or below and snow that can drift up to your waist. I did not want that experience for me or a baby. I didn’t continue my pregnancy because I couldn’t afford a baby and did not want or need the added stress to my life. I was barely supporting myself and the father of the baby wasn’t someone I felt I could depend on and I was right. I have zero regrets and in retrospect realize it was the only choice I could make at the time. I thank God that it was a choice available to me.