I was 21-years-old, in college, in my first long-term relationship and working part-time at a corporate book store when the condom broke. Having a baby was not a possibility as I was in debt, had no health insurance (this was before you could stay on your parents’ policy). Neither I, nor my partner at the time wanted a kid, so we made the decision together to not.

In the six weeks I had to wait to have the abortion, I was so sick that I missed several days of work (no paid sick time) and classes. I had to miss another day of work to have the abortion and my friends chipped in to cover the cost. I’m just grateful that the clinic was in the same town where I lived so I didn’t have to spend more money and time traveling.

Because I had an abortion, I was able to finish college on my timetable, earn two graduate degrees and find a job that I love and am good at. When my boyfriend and I broke up two years later, we didn’t have to remain in each others lives, which would have been toxic and horrible. Also, as I get older, I don’t have to worry and wonder if when I’m ready to have kids, I’ll be able to, which is a situation that a lot of my friends are in. It sounds sinister to take that as a silver lining, but it is.

I have never, for a second regretted the decision I (we) made. It was the right thing to do at that time and I’m glad I had the choice.