Both my husband and I do not want children. Having conceived at forty was an unhappy surprise. We both agreed to the termination (although it ultimately was my decision). Because I was only nine weeks pregnant, I qualified for a medical abortion. One takes pills to induce a miscarriage. The procedure takes place at home.

The one issue I had with the whole affair was having a nurse insist that I have an rh negative injection because, you know, in case I want to have a baby sometime in the future. What part of ‘I’m forty and don’t want children’ did she not understand? I could not fathom nor would I want to conceive at, for example, 45 yrs of age, 40 was unsettling enough. In the end, I consented to the shot as it seemed I wouldn’t be able to leave her office and complete the visit resulting in my obtaining the medication needed to terminate the pregnancy.