I’m 67 years and never regretted having my four abortions. They all had a reason, that being I didn’t want my partner’s to be a father to my child. All abortions were from 3 different partners. First was performed in Switzerland while it was still illegal in the states. Second was in a NY hospital when it was already legal and the third and fourth were also in NY through Planned Parenthood.

My parents knew about all of them, my mother told me she had several herself in Europe before I was born. She gave me her full support and even accompanied me to the hospital in NY. My life didn’t change, I had no nightmares and am a healthy human being.

I think women can think for themselves and if they decide to have an abortion a woman should be the one who decides and not the government or some religious leader. If men were the ones getting pregnant we would not have this conversation. So women, girls do what feels right to you and no one else!