I had two abortions – one when I was 22 and one when I was 23, within months of each other. Both with the same partner. He was a crack addict and already had two kids he didn’t properly care for. I was a smart and talented girl with very low self esteem and a desire to “fix” him. He did have a good heart but was massively flawed otherwise.

My decision to end both pregnancies were extremely wrenching. I was not quite to the “self supporting” phase of my life. My father had just passed away and I lived with my mother. I saw a terrible outcome for me, the child and my mother. I had yet to embark on any career path and really just was drifting. I was certain that the father of these zygotes would be either dead or in jail in the near future. I spent many days and nights thinking, praying, crying and trying to make sense of my situation. Ultimately, abortion was the decision I made.

I do not regret my decision. I am so extremely grateful that the law ensured that it was my body and my decision. I, like almost everyone that is pro-choice, am not pro-abortion. I do firmly believe that the decision was mine alone, not the government’s decision. The government sees me as capable of making other decisions independently – knowing right from wrong, not drinking and driving, etc. This very personal decision was the right one for me and my situation. This is a basic right women fought hard for and should continue to protect. We are sentient individuals and must not cede our independence!!