I was 19 when I had my abortion… we both never wanted kids so the decision was obvious (I’m not going to carry someone for 9 months then give it away) besides ruin my body…anyway for the jackasses who try saying you can’t see the fetus below 20 weeks without an internal exam is bullshit! Because I had mine at 6 weeks and they saw it just fine…asked if I wanted to see it even and I politely said no it wouldn’t change my mind either way hah… I believe unless you went through it you shouldn’t have a solid opinion simply because you DON’T know the process is annoying enough…remember you’re doing all this while sick to your stomach…trying not to spill your guts while getting the actual abortion is a fucking talent because you have a sharp metal object in you they’re telling you to stay still while you get the worst cramps at the same time…and the intrusive aftercare. Mine was kind of fucked up though because they had students that day and didn’t care to mention that and so I had a room full of chicks watching him examine my crotch and he felt the need to show me how to do a breast exam. It was my only experience so I don’t have anything else to go on but I think it was a normal procedure..after you get horrible cramps, I mean it feels like you’re gonna die…can’t get out of bed because they’re so bad…just saying its not like taking a pill and then you forget about it…we go through a lot..yeah the fact that we go through with it even with all the bullshit is because of many different reasons but in the end all with the same goal: to choose to not go through with it…it is our body…as over used as that line is, it’s true.