I was 15, my boyfriend and I had been dating since I was 14 (which is when I lost my virginity). My parents were going through a divorce and I felt I had no one so I felt like HE understood me. I believed him when he said I couldn’t get pregnant if he pulled out before ejaculation. He was wrong.

By the time I found out (I had ALWAYS had irregular periods) I was already 16 weeks. When I went to tell him he was with someone else. I decided it HAD to be done, I did NOT want to raise a baby with this person and I just KNEW I couldn’t do adoption, I would forever wonder about my baby, not to mention the stigma of this straight A student going through high school pregnant was more than I could bear.
He dropped me off at the clinic and spent the day with friends in San Francisco. He picked me up several hours later because I had to be knocked out. He brought me a bear, yay. And while I have cried about it every now and again, I am glad I didn’t go through with it. I stayed with him until I was 21, he cheated more times than I can count. He insulted me nearly daily and even hit me a few times. I am glad that I HAD the choice.