I am 21 years old, I just got my two year degree. I take care of an elder family member and took a year off to do so. I am engaged and I found out I was pregnant about a month or so in to the pregnancy.

I didn’t show any signs really, so I was pretty surprised. I told my fiance first thing, we both agreed that we were not ready to have children, so we decided to have an abortion. I tried to get the pill but the first place I went told me I was a horrible person and needed to carry full term and give the child up. I went to another place out of town and asked for a surgical abortion. A week later I was no longer pregnant. My fiance and I are still together and happy, but it was rough on me more than him, I had the surgery – I went through it he didn’t. I know it sounds selfish, but I haven’t told anyone, after all of it was done I told two friends, and that was it. I was an emotional wreak for about two weeks, and then I started to feel better. I made a vow to myself to become a better person, to do something meaningful with my life, that all of this wasn’t just a waste. I was scared and felt alone, but I knew what I did was right.