Hello. I’ve had two abortions in my lifetime. The first at 14 after I had been raped by a neighbor. That cost me membership to my church and being ostracized because members of my family felt the need to judge me and bring others into it.

I personally have zero regrets. I was too young to bear a child, too young to raise it, and certainly would have been further scarred by carrying and placing for adoption.

The second came later in life. I was 18 and just getting a start in the world. I had even been using birth control, but unfortunately, as we all know, it’s not 100% effective. Again, no regrets. No regrets from the father either. Just an overwhelming sense of relief from both of us. Although we eventually split, we both went on to get our educations and eventually settled down and married other people.

The next time I got pregnant it was planned. I had one son, and a few years later another. They both brought me great joy, but, I was ready and willing to have them. My life was in a place that I was able to give them what children deserve from loving parents.

I still, 38 years after my first abortion, have no regrets over either of them, and no guilt, or grief. It was my choice and the right thing for me at the time.