I was 14 years old. My step father’s brother took advantage of me and my undying need to please older men that reminded me of my abusive father.

He saw my weakness and with that, he took my innocence. Not once had I kissed a boy let alone done anything sexual. I should’ve told my mother, I should have spoken out. Instead, I faced years of pain and heartache…

I couldn’t understand why I felt so sick all the time. Until, my breasts starting hurting. I figured it all out at that moment. I asked him to take me to the doctors. They told me I was only a few days from not being able to have the procedure and it was going to cost over $1500 and two days. I went home and went to bed, hoping I could wake up and it would all be a dream. While I was sleeping the school called and told my mom I missed class today. She called me down and asked me where I was. I broke down and told her and my step father. They wept. My mother told me she would be there for me no matter what my decision was. The man that did this told me if I had this baby it would never have a father, would I want to do that to the baby? That’s when I decided to have an abortion. It was a two day procedure. First day, they inserted these wads of cloth in me to stretch me out because I was too small. The second day I had to go to a surgical facility where they put me to sleep. I awoke in a room full of girls who were crying and you could see the pain in their eyes. I was gushing blood from down there. A week after when I tried to get away from that person he told me I murdered his baby and was a horrible person. I dealt with this for years afterwards. He’d call me from random numbers and tell me I was a slut and a murderer.

I have finally moved on from this horrible experience. Realizing I had been raped and it wasn’t my fault. I’m glad I had the abortion. And now I have a loving fiance and beautiful daughter.

Everything will be OK as long as you don’t let it consume you.