I have used birth control throughout most of my 37 child-bearing years (I’m now 49 and still able to get pregnant); however, two times that I didn’t, I ended up getting pregnant.

The first time I was 27 years old, and the second time, 32; but neither time was I married nor in a relationship that was strong enough to grow a family with.

I did consider adoption; after all, I was adopted as an infant and am a huge advocate of adoption. However, neither time would adoption have been a good choice for me. I did not have a conflict of mind with choosing an abortion, because I do not believe that it is murder at the early stage of the first trimester.

Later in life I became pregnant again when I was 41 and married – and overjoyed to have a child. However, ultrasound revealed some complications when I was 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I considered abortion at this stage, since the child would have some life-threatening complications. However, I could not bring myself to have an abortion at this later stage of pregnancy. We had the child, and he has indeed had some challenges and has needed many medical interventions. It has been a tough road, but he is as much a bundle of joy now as when he was first born.