I was 19, went to a clinic to get on the birth control pill (this was 1971, pre Roe days). The clinic Dr found a mass in my breast, so I had to have surgery.

I was nervous & scared about the upcoming surgery. I had unprotected sex & became pregnant. The state I lived in required you to be examined by 3 Drs-2 Medical Drs that would verify that the health of the pregnant woman was in jeopardy and that is why she needed the abortion. Or the 3rd Dr was a psychiatrist and you could tell that Dr that you were going to kill yourself and that Dr would then state you needed the abortion because you would kill yourself. I didn’t want to lie, so I had to borrow money and fly across the country to New York City where it was legal to have an abortion for any reason as long as you were age 17 or older. I had to fly alone to a place I had never been before and have the procedure without anyone with me to support me. It was the right decision for me,it would have been better to be able to have the procedure where I lived & had my boyfriend with me.