I’m 18 years old and I took the abortion pill. Early on weeks with the pregnancy I knew I was pregnant. I’m very in tune with my body.

First sign I knew I was pregnant I took a pre-work out drink (jack3d) I had been taking for years and it made me sick. I thought that was very strange since I had taken it for so long. I noticed this after about 3 times I took it. Next I was sleepy and nauseous all the time. I took 4 test in total. Two different brands to make sure. Positive on every one. I told my boyfriend, he freaked out. I was a little more calm because I knew for about a week at this point. Conclusion we both agreed on this. I was thinking abortion the whole time, but if he wanted to keep it I would. But it didn’t come to that.

I made an appointment with planned parenthood. They were all booked up for two weeks. I didn’t want to wait that long. I looked around and found another place that could do it in two days after I called. The day of the appointment was at Noon I tried to sleep in because I stayed up the night before thinking about it and if I slept in I could just go and get it over with.

I arrive at the clinic. I was scared to go in because a young guy was standing outside and I was embarrassed. I eventually go in and there’s 3 girls in a large waiting room around my age. I go and fill out a packet of papers and wait. I probably waited ten mins and they called my name. I went in the back and a lady asked me a bunch of questions then I paid her cash ($525). After that I went into another waiting room in the back. When they called my name once more. I had blood work done to make sure I had good blood levels. I return to the waiting room once more and quickly me and the only other girl in the second waiting room went into two separate rooms. I had a vaginal ultrasound. The fetus was 5 weeks old No heart beat ( If it did I don’t think I would have gone through with it) After that I took a pill to stop the growth. They gave me directions and four other pills to take exactly 24-48 hours later. I left felt Normal the rest of the day.

I woke up the next morning (thankfully I had the day off) I was waiting for it to be 1:20pm. finally it comes I put the four pills in my mouth two on each cheek and continue to clean with them in for 30mins. After the 30 mins I swallow and swish the remaining down. I was expecting really bad cramping quick, but no. 1,2,3 hours went by nothing but by the fourth hour I began to bleed as if I had a heavy period. I had barely any cramping. nothing to noticeable. That whole day was actually easy. I had friends over that night. I was overall normal the whole day. (Probably because of the pain pills *Tylenol 3*) The next day still bleeding like a normal period. This day also I felt very guilty for some reason. I know I had made the right decision because I didn’t want to have a child and be struggling my whole life or get help from family. I just felt like what if this was going to be the next president of a great person and I ruined that. I felt selfish and maybe I am. But I do want to have a child when I can give them a good life. This is a very sensitive subject for me.

Over all i felt like this was very easy but you have to be a strong person mentally to do this. I would never do this again although It was easy, I just feel very guilty and bad. I am going to make better decisions and am excited to have an amazing healthy child in the future