i was 16 years old in my first relationship, my now ex partner was 17 but had the mental age of about a 12 year old! useless jobless druggy.

i didn’t realize how bad he was untill i found out i was pregnant. i kept it from my mum for a week or two once i found out, i was actually on the pill at the time and just couldn’t get my head around what has happened. once i had told her she told me its down to me what i do, she will stick by me no matter what my choice may be, so i decided to have an abortion, went to the clinic had a consultation. next thing i knew a week later i was getting ready to go in.
my useless ex boyfriend left me to go with just my mum when really he should have stayed and been with me as he agreed it was the right thing to do. after i got home i was in severe pain and bleeding very heavy, my mum and my brother both knew something was not right, they rang the hospital and explained what was happening and then i got rushed into hospital. i was having contractions because the abortion was not fully successful. they left half of the fetus inside me.
one again the ex never came to the hospital so it was just me and my mum there facing this horrible d+c again! i was kept in hospital for a few days due to infection from the 1st d+c that went horribly wrong.

i never ever believed in abortion until it was me, i would never go in lessons at school because i thought it was wrong, but when it comes down to it if it needs to be done it needs to be done, my life would be a disaster right now if i did keep that child.
the ex ended up beating me up, worse on drugs and still never got a job. ive moved on now and im studying and working, 3 things i wouldn’t have been able to do if i didn’t choose abortion!