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Too many already face barriers to abortion care, including restrictions, travel, and cost. We all need to become experts on how to get an abortion and how to connect other folks to abortion care. 

We need to:

  • Learn about self-managed abortion and become resources for those who need to know more about it
  • Become our own support network to help folks in our communities facing long travel get rides and housing.
  • Keep up the fight to ensure abortion is legal and available.

Youth activists are launching the Youth Abortion Support Collective (YouthASC), a nationwide network of young people committed to becoming expert resources on abortion and to making sure folks in our communities understand all the options and have the support they need.

How can I start helping folks access abortion right now?

There are a few quick steps you can take to have information at the ready for someone who's facing an unintended pregnancy.

Find the clinic nearest you, and add their info to your contacts

If you know someone dealing with this, you'll be ready to make the call.

Download Euki

Euki is an app with a wide array of reproductive and sexual health information - great to have at your fingertips.

Familiarize yourself with abortion funds

Abortion funds help folks cover the cost of abortion care. Research the one in your area so you can help walk a friend through the application steps.

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