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I want to share my experience to inform others that it’s not always a horrible experience to put an end to a difficult situation. When I found out I was pregnant I was a single mother of 2 children, barely getting by, and found my self in a relationship with someone who was kind and supportive but not someone I loved or had a future with. There was no way I could keep this baby, we couldn’t afford it, and it would take away from the quality of our other children’s lives. It really was what was best for all of us sadly, although not something I personally ever thought I’d be faced with especially at this point in my life. I quickly made the appointment online and was faced with the difficult decision of to make a surgical appointment (which I’ve been told by friends is the quickest and less painful experience but sadly I feel like we’ve been taught to fear this option) or take a few pills to endure a miscarriage at home. I’ve heard this can be a longer and more painful experience but it was what I was more comfortable with.
I was able to get an appointment within a week of finding out I was pregnant so luckily I was leas than 6 weeks which probably added to the ease of my experience. The appointment was very easy, informative, and the staff comforting through a difficult decision. I had read about nausea and diarrhea being some of the worst side effects next to the extreme craps which not everyone experiences from my research. So I started taking a few chewable doses of peptobismol every couple hours but not exceeding the max dose the day I took my first pill in the clinic and continued during the waking hours the next day. I didn’t feel much that day but prepared my self with bread, crackers, soup, yogurt, raw coconut water, raw ginger for my tea and sparkling water to ease the nausea. The clinic have me Motrin 800 which is the same as taking 4 Advil and I confirmed with them I could take 1500mg of Tylenol and the same time or 3 hours after the Motrin. I didn’t start this until 24 hours after taking the first pill in the clinic as directed. Being prepared really helped my experience go as best as it possibly could. I also started taking meclizine which they had given me for nausea and ended up taking all 4 (daily max) within 8 hours. At 3 pm I ate oatmeal and an hour later I took pepto, meclizine, Motrin 800, and 1500mg Tylenol. At 5 I put the 4 pills (2 in each check) in my mouth and took a bath for 30 min. They were only about 1/2 dissolved when I swallowed them with water as directed. I think this quickly starts the process and then slowly finishes in my opinion it worked well for me. I started lightly bleeding once I was out of the bath and continued for 12 hours with nothing more than strong period like cramps, some larger dark clots, nausea, a very gurgling stomach with some diarrhea. I slept through the night thanks to the meclizine making me tired and woke up to a 1/2 soaked pad so not as extreme as I expected. I’ve had no pain or discomfort less than 12 hours after starting the process other than some diarrhea which I’d gladly take compared to pain or complications. I hope this story helps you as I was hoping to read more like it before I started what I thought would be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me and physically it turned out to be a mild experience.

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