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The [guidebook] and [sample materials] are available free online in PDF format.

Click here to order the National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Planning Guidebook online.

Advocates for Youth sponsors National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM). Observed each May by states and communities throughout the country, NTPPM seeks to involve communities in promoting and supporting effective teen pregnancy prevention initiatives. From Hawaii to Maine, NTPPM's momentum continues to grow. Councils and other pregnancy prevention organizations continue to initiate new and innovative ideas.

Advocates for Youth recently updated its National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM) Planning Guidebook. The guidebook provides strategic tips and examples to help local communities plan and implement activities for NTPPM. It also includes fact sheets, guidance for involving youth and working with the media, and sample forms.

The NTPPM activities implemented in your community or state this year can make a huge difference to teens and their families and can also offer a good basis from which to build more inclusive and multi-faceted initiatives in the years to come. In fact, when community leaders and organizations are committed and work together to make an impact this year, NTPPM planning will continue throughout the year.

Please join Advocates for Youth in making NTPPM an effective year-round catalyst to highlight and promote sexual health information and services for teens. Also, please let Advocates for Youth know what you are planning and if Advocates can help. Please send your questions and examples of your campaign materials to Advocates for Youth's Director of Education and Outreach at:

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