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Dear _______________________________

As you may be aware Anystate has over _____________ teenage pregnancies  each year. We rank _____________ in the nation.

Since the 1980’s many states have formed independent, non profit statewide organizations that have initiated programs and services to promote the prevention of teen pregnancy. These organizations in such states as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, Massachusetts and New Mexico, to name a few, have become vital advocates for realistic relevant, science-based prevention programs.

In the past six months, a small steering committee has been meeting to create a state organization here in __________________. We have secured non-profit status, incorporated in our state and have begun developing a website.

We are now in the process of nominating a first Board of Directors to lead this new initiative. If you would consider being nominated, some information that may be helpful follows:
  1. Terms – One 3 year term with option to be elected for a 2nd term
  2. Meetings – attend and participate in a minimum of 4 half day board meetings in a central location
  3. Meetings – attend and participate in a 1 ½ day Board Retreat to create our first 3 year strategic Plan
  4. Support – make an individual financial contribution annually to the organization
  5. Provide leadership, wisdom, and creativity for the formulation of policy, progress, and practices that contribute to the generation of teen pregnancy in________________.        
You are being considered for nomination because of your personal skills, interest, and leadership, as on individual, not as a representative of your company or organization.

I am very excited about the opportunities ahead for the Anystate Organization on Teen Pregnancy Prevention and know that your contributions would be invaluable.

I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible at ________________.



Source: Huberman, B., Advocates for Youth. 2009

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