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That young people gain more from an experience when they are actively involved is a core premise of peer education and youth development. Research also suggests that programs for youth which are developed through a partnership of youth and adults may be highly effective in building young people's skills and reducing their sexual risk-taking behaviors.

Direct youth involvement offers potential benefits to the young people—both those who help to develop the program and those served by the program—and also to the organizations. To name but a few benefits—youth gain experience and confidence; organizations gain a fresh perspective on youth culture; and organizations develop more effective outreach.

Peer education can support young people in developing positive group norms and in making healthy decisions about sex. Visit the peer education section for more information. 

Youth development strategies are an important part of prevention programming. For more information on incorporating youth development strategies into your work, visit the youth development section.

The essence of youth involvement is a partnership between adults and young people - one in which each party has the opportunity to make suggestions and decisions and in which the contribution of each is recognized and valued. Visit the youth-adult partnerships section for more information. 

Youth activists can and do take their health and rights into their own hands, organizing activism efforts, lobbying policy makers, educating their peers, and taking leadership roles in the United States and around the world. Learn more about about Advocates' youth activism programs.  

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