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Research has shown that given the right tools, young people have the potential to take responsibility for their sexual and reproductive health. Parental involvement and culturally competent programs that provide complete and accurate information can go a long way toward helping youth make good decisions; but socioeconomic, cultural, and educational disparities must be redressed in order for all youth to lead successful and healthy lives.

If you are conducting research on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, be sure to check out Advocates’ Adolescent  Sexual Behavior Research Guide  for the most recent news, scholarly research, and publications from a variety of sources.


General Facts about Adolescent Sexual Health

Adolescent Sexual Health and Youth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Over 90% of new HIV infections occur in low- and middle-income countries, with millions infected there.  In these countries, pregnancy (including complications from childbirth and unsafe abortion) is the leading cause of death for young women ages 15-19. Young people in low- and middle-income countries need information about and access to contraception and condoms to protect their health and lives.

Redressing Reproductive and Sexual Health Disparities Among Young People

Young people of color are at greater risk of HIV and STI infection, even with identical risk behaviors; and young women of color are more than twice as likely to experience pregnancy as young white women.  Further, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment are still serious concerns for young people of color and GLBTQ young people.   The following resources address the disproportionate impact of negative sexual health outcomes on these young people as well as the underlying social forces that contribute to these disparities.

a youth-driven communityworking for change
Apoyo para Jóvenes GLBTQ
for Spanish-speaking GLBTQ youth
by and for young women of color
by and for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth
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