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Advocates for Youth’s Adolescent Contraceptive Access Initiative is founded on the belief that sexually active teens and young adults have the right to accurate information about contraception and condoms and access to safe, confidential, and affordable family planning services. Advocates provides information, resources, training, and networking opportunities to both youth and professionals to ensure that these rights are safeguarded.

 Advocates’ Strategies

  • Collaborating with State-Based Coalitions—Advocates for Youth works intensively each year with statewide teen pregnancy prevention organizations to increase young people's awareness of and access to contraception, including emergency contraception (EC). Advocates for Youth offers resources, technical assistance, networking, and training to selected state coalitions.
  • Offering Education and Outreach to Policy Makers—Advocates for Youth tracks contraceptive-related legislation; provides outreach and education to legislators and other policy makers.
  • Mobilizing and Educating Youth—Advocates for Youth encourages young people to take an active role in advocating at local, state, and national levels for their right to access contraception. The Web sites, http://www.youthresource.com/; http://www.mysistahs.org/; and http://www.ambientejoven.org/ offer peer education and materials written by youth for youth on reproductive and sexual health issues.
  • With funding from the Summit Fund of Washington, DC and in partnership with the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Advocates is working to improve access to condoms and contraception in Washington, DC. Advocates is using a community engagement strategy to improve access to youth-friendly family planning services, including LARCs, by providing resources, and training to clinics and school-based health centers; increase education and improve motivation among teens to utilize reproductive and sexual health services; and expand access to hormonal contraception in pharmacies throughout the District.


  • Training and Workshops—Advocates for Youth's workshops focus on strategies for improving access to contraception for teens; youth-friendly clinical practices; outreach to diverse ethnic teenage populations; involving males in sexual health programs; minor consent and confidentiality laws; linking youth-serving organizations and family planning clinics; managing controversy; model programs for providing EC to teens; effective collaboration between health care providers and pharmacists; building youth-adult partnerships; and statistics and trends related to teens' contraceptive use.
  • Publications—Advocates for Youth offers fact sheets, issue briefs, lesson plans, and teen pamphlets related to contraception.


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