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If you are pregnant, and don't want to carry to term, you can get an abortion.  Read on for how to find and pay for abortion care.

I need to find the nearest clinic

Visit Planned Parenthood and type in your zip code to locate the clinic nearest to you.

I need an abortion, and I'm under 18

Thirty-six states require minors to involve their parents, either by notifying them or getting permission, when they need an abortion. Many states allow "judicial bypass" for young people who cannot involve their parents, which means appearing before a judge and asking them to rule that you can have an abortion. That process can be challenging to navigate, but there's help out there. A nonprofit called Jane's Due Process, based in Texas, is committed to connecting minors with attorneys, resources, and funds they need to seek abortion care. Visit their website to learn more, or call or text 1-866-999-5263.

I need help paying for an abortion

The National Network of Abortion Funds gives grants to patients who need abortion but cannot afford it.

I want to learn more about self-managed abortion

For political reasons, opponents of legal abortion make it difficult for health care providers to prescribe and for people to obtain the medication. If not for the politics of the abortion issue, based on their safety record these pills could be available over the counter.

I want to learn more about different abortion procedures

Learn about what happens during an abortion procedure.

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